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I am looking for THE simplest ever podcast downloading software for Windows 7. I will add the feeds manually.

I have spent the last 90 minutes on 2 laptops trying to download software which will allow me to download podcasts. The only feature I am looking for is 'Download All' which would download all of podcasts in a feed.

My abridged experience:

I have tried iTunes which has melted my head.

Zune which seems determined to display all my pictures, which led me into a frustrating cycle of trying to eliminate my 'Windows' Libraries'.

Juice when it would run would not download all and eventually hung.

gPodder wanted a load of python crap which I downloaded and which still did not help it to work.

Google reader is not suitable for downloading.

Please excuse the rant but it seems like every piece of s*** software wants to start a bloody relationship with you! It like asking someone for a light and they start looking through your wallet, take out your phone and start making calls.

Or asking someone for a light, they say 'Sure no problem' and then start chucking hot coals at your face to light your cigarette.

Your deeply, deeply frustrated.....some additional info, my machine is lightning fast and virus free.
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Could you go more into details about the head melting aspect of iTunes? I'm using it right now on 64bit Windows 7 and use it almost exclusively as a podcasting app. I can think of ways to make it better but it certainly does work. You also don't need to use an Apple account or use the iTunes store to listen to or download podcasts.
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Response by poster: Could you go more into details about the head melting aspect of iTunes?

I was told that my iCloud session had expired. I could not find the Podcast directory. Clicking on the iTunes link of a feed did not open iTunes because Chrome prevented it for some reason. It wanted access to my music, I just wanted to download some podcasts. I am sure that iTunes works perfectly well for lots of people but I don't want to figure out why I am one of the unlucky ones. I am just looking for something very very simple. An alternative to iTunes.
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To launch iTunes from Chrome it has to do this via an external application. I just tried it and it prompts me to launch iTunes. This dialog also has the ability to hide and prevent iTunes from ever launching. Instructions in this Google Group for Chrome seem to show you how to reverse this decision if indeed you made this decision.

As for a directory of podcasts, they are there in the iTunes store (but you'll need an account to access that). The podcast link is in the main strip of button on the top of the screen. Of course you don't need to use this option at all as the client will allow you to manually subscribe to feeds.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot for the advice. I appreciate it. Sorry if I came off as ungrateful in my earlier reply.

I would still favour a simple alternative to uTunes. On cell at the moment but will try your suggestion when I am back at the laptop..
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foobar2000 has a podcast component that works very well.
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Best answer: I use Radio Downloader which does podcasts as well as downloading streamed radio programmes.
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I had the same question as you. gPodder was confusing and didn't work, I hate iTunes, and based on this thread I tried foobar2000 and it also didn't work (it kept overwriting the podcast file and I got tired of digging through the documentation to figure out how to make it dynamically name each podcast ).

I just downloaded Radio Downloader and it's working brilliantly. Thanks ComfySofa!
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When I was on a mission like yours, I ended up using scripts like the one on this page to find the original sources of iTunes podcasts.
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Radio Downloader is probably a great choice, but I use Zune myself for podcasts and can offer some suggestions in case you ever end up using it again. Under Settings there are options to move/change folders that Zune monitors for the various media. It doesn't seem to be possible to have NO folders, but a simple work-around would be to monitor a folder that will never have images in it. Not the best solution, I'm afraid, but better than nothing.
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I've been using Juice for some time now. It does pretty much what you want -- lists all available podcasts for a stream and lets you select which to download. By default it takes the latest.

I just installed Radio Downloader (so I can download some streaming Radio 4) having read the above. I think Juice is a better UI upon first impression.
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I usually just google "podcast name rss" and don't have to use any special anything to download. That way I can end up on libsyn or feedburner pages etc. I right click on the mp3 and save the file wherever I want it on my computer. There's nothing simpler. I'm with you on iTunes - very cumbersome and frustrating.
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