I'm looking for a copy of "Two Faces of Floral Design"
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I would really like a copy of this book, but I cannot find it for sale in the USA, either new or used. Help?
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It looks as though you could order it directly from the German publisher.
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The page you linked has a "shipping to: UK - Europe - Rest of World" option. I would think that includes the US.
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To save a little money, you can buy it from Amazon.de and ship internationally. Go to the Marketplace seller's link - "4 neu ab EUR 49,90" and select this seller - "Verkäufer: BLOOM's Medien" (who is willing to ship internationally). The process is basically the same as going through the US site. However, in the past, I have declined the "Amazon CurrencyConverter" service (select the "Nein danke" button) because Amazon's rates were not competitive with my credit card and at the moment that is still true. Fortunately, the difference is only a couple cents. Amazon estimates this order would cost about €65.40 ≈ $92.83.
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I also found a copy of the book on abe.com. Advanced Book Exchange is kind of an online marketplace for sellers from around the world. This would also come from Germany and costs $72.28 with $21.00 shipping, so saeculorum's find is a bit cheaper. Here's the link.
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