What movie did I see?
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I saw a movie an indie movie a few years ago and I can only recall certain details. I'd like to know what the title is.

Here's what I remember:

2 main characters - a very gruff old man and a 20 something male immigrant with a very upbeat, friendly personality.

Somehow, a friendship developed between these characters. The younger guy's perpetual niceness won the old guy over.

I think the younger guy had a low-paying job and might have been going to school to learn a trade.

One of them lived in a really depressing motel room. Did they eventually live together?

One of them had some sort of spiritual need to travel to some sacred location, which I think was an overlook in the mountains. They both made the journey.

What movie is this? I think about it from time to time, but can't remember the title.
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The Visitor?
posted by payoto at 3:36 PM on February 1, 2013

The Visitor is what I thought it was too. I was getting the two movies confused in my mind. It's not it, but the tone of the movie is similar to The Visitor.
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OK - solved, thanks to allmovie's related movies feature. It's Goodbye Solo.
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