like leapforce or no?
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I am considering applying for this temporary telecommuting job and have some questions / concerns.

According to the webpage, it's work offered through this company. Does anyone have experience working with them?

I worked a bit with Leapforce last year, and I'm wondering how closely this would compare to it.

1) Would I need a cover letter along with the text / HTML resume? (IIRC all I sent to Leapforce was a resume and they were fine with just that)

2) Does anyone know what the interview / hiring process is like? (With LF it was a short test measuring my ability with the language -- if you pass, you're good. Would it be the same here?)

3) One peeve I had with LF is that you never knew how much work they had for you before you click the "begin task" button -- sometimes they had a whole slew of tasks to do, taking hours to complete, and sometimes there was only a single thing to rate. Is it the same case here? Is there any way to know beforehand how much time is expected for you before you agree to start a task / project?

If anyone has any input, please share. Thanks!
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For the record, technically workforce logic doesn't exist anymore, they were purchased by Zero Chaos last year. I am currently on a long-term contract, my recruiting was done through the company I'm onsite with so my experience may not help too much.

My experience with ZeroChaos so far:
- The onboarding was clunky. I had to type in all my information twice (everyone does, I didn't do something wrong). Getting my i-9 completed involved visiting a notary.
- I'm not a huge fan of the benefits team (but I do benefits admin for a living so I could be nitpicking): Open Enrollment was not announced in advance and, in fact, when I asked in Nov when it would be their response was (lilterally, this is a copy/paste) "Should be sometime in December. Maybe January"
- I still haven't gotten my w2. I have no doubt that it was post marked yesterday, the last possible day required by law. It is only available electronically if you request so in advance but they didn't really announce that anywhere except on the website where you can get your paystubs and who looks at that often?? And they must have put up the announcement in like mid-december, you probably had like 5 days to request it or something.
- All my paychecks have been correct and on time.

Would I work for them again? If I had to, but I probably wouldn't enroll in benefits.
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