How do I create a legal agreement in Hungary?
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I need to draw up an agreement that would be legally enforceable in Hungary. The catch is, the circumstances of all parties (and witnesses) signing it are such that meeting at a notary's will be very impossible. Would a document signed by both parties and two witnesses be considered legally binding in Hungary? Great thanks in advance.
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I feel like this is something you really want a Hungarian lawyer's opinion on.
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I am not a Hungarian lawyer and this is not Hungarian legal advice (!!!) but I have bought real estate in Hungary, and I did not meet with the seller at a notary's office. I signed my copy of the paperwork at the offices of the lawyer who drew up the contract, and the seller signed elsewhere/later/not in my presence.

What few other Hungarian-language contracts I have seen in Hungary (neighbor's agreement with various agricultural contractors, a relative's employment contract) did not have any references to a notary.

None of that means jack compared to the advice of someone actually versed in Hungarian contract law, which might have very different requirements depending upon the subject matter/duration/etc. of the contract.
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