WD TV live hates my filing system
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I have a WDTV Live box and a NAS drive. My WD live will not properly refresh the contents, insisting that folders are empty when they are not, displaying files I have deleted, and not refreshing to show files I have added. Many files show up in the list 2 or 3 times, though some only show up once. I can't force a refresh, I've tried restarting the WDTV and disconnecting and reconnecting it to the network, but it just keeps showing me the same duplicates. How can I make it work?
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Maybe try booting the drive to a PC and deleting the folder called (.wdtv) and then reboot. I have had some luck with that before.
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Another thought... One more specific to NAS setups...

Try to access your NAS files thorugh "network shares" instead of "media servers." If your NAS file changes don't show up properly, cycle power on the WDTV Live then try reconnecting to the network shares.
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Ive had similar grief with my wdtvlivehub, where I cant even see my shares, or it can see the shares but theres no files. The only way Ive been able to recover is to restore to factory defaults, tedious, but it works.
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I went through this aggravating problem with empty folders just this week (although I have the "Live Streaming") - there is an option on that version under the System menu to "Rebuild Media Library."

Sidebar: on the WD Live boxes (pre-streaming) I had a lot of luck with the custom firmware.
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