Do I need to replace the whole radio in my car?
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I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla Conquest who's factory standard radio has just died (I think). It made a slight noise last night and cut out, and is now just flashing 01:00 on the clock with no buttons responding at all. I thought maybe the fuse had blown so I checked the radio fuse, but it doesn't look to have blown (something I suspected as a time keeps flashing on the display and I thought a blown fuse wouldn't allow any electronics to work). Also the cigarette lighter still works and that is connected/part of the radio fuse.

To avoid me taking it somewhere and being charged to be told "you need a whole new radio" - does it sound like I need a new radio? Buying and installing one isn't a big issue, I just want to be somewhat sure that's what I need to be doing.
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Given that the cost of labor far exceeds the cost of a basic radio, I wouldn't even consider a repair as an option in this situation. It's obviously getting power, something is wrong, replace it.
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I would double check the car manual and make sure it's not expecting a theft prevention code to be keyed in. I had a 1995 Honda and the cheap factory radio/CD player did need a 5-digit code if the battery power went out. If I didn't have it, no radio.
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crapmatic: "If I didn't have it, no radio."

My '92 Corolla had this exact same feature. If the battery had to be disconnected for one reason or another, I'd have to punch in a 5 digit code (via the station preset buttons) to bring it back. I ended up just writing it on the cover of the owner manual. If memory serves, though, it flashed a specific message ("Code" or something like that).
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The dealer probably won't charge you to tell you that you need a new radio. You can probably just call them on the phone and ask.
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I ended up just writing it on the cover of the owner manual

At least on my honda, it's written on the fuse box.
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If you do need a new radio, visit a salvage yard. Should be cheap.
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New radios are super cheap, feature rich, bewildering to choose, easy to install. Budget of $150 total will rock your world (and connect your iPod). Sometimes, a problem is a good thing. It's an opportunity to change things up a bit. drhydro is right on about salvage yards if you must have a factory replacement. budget then is $20.
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If you can check for a blown fuse, you can install a new radio. I've ordered from Crutchfield in the past, because they include all the adapters and installation stuff you need.
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New radios are amazingly cheap and will have lots of cool featurs you'll be happy you now have (a usb port for your iPod...)

On preview, what FauxScot said.
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