How can I get hands-on training in home improvement locally?
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Is there some kind of class, part-time apprenticeship, or in-home tutor I can use to get hands-on handyman training near Livonia, MI?

I bought a house last June. Yay! But now I'm realizing that I really have no idea how to take care of it or perform the numerous small improvements that need to be made. I've bought a couple books on home improvement and maintenance, and I know there are a lot of "how to" videos on Youtube and such. But even though such things exist, I feel like they don't give me the confidence and familiarity I would get if I actually had someone guiding me and working with me as I did things.

So what I'm wondering is, is there some kind of "handyman" class I can take? Locally? Google searches have led me to this certificate program in NY, and a few similar things, but unfortunately they're not located anywhere near me (I'm in Livonia, MI, USA).

Yeah, I have a few handy friends I might be able to call to help out with some specific issues if I needed. But I think I want a greater volume of training than I'd be comfortable asking a friend to provide.

If you don't know of any hands-on training in my area, but you do know about some really good online resources that I don't know about, that would also be appreciated.
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Home Depot does a LOT of in-store demos/classes. You have one here. Call 'em up and I'm sure you'll find it very helpful.
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Check your local library and also Henry Ford Community College and maybe Washtenaw Community College too. Home Depot or Lowe's are good bets as mentioned.
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@leslies - Well what do you know, Henry Ford Community College has several courses of the type I'm looking for. "Simple Plumbing and Electrical Repairs" is a 3-week course that starts Feb 7. I think I'll sign up!
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