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ISO gift guidance for meetings with disability rights advocates in Mumbai.

I am traveling to India next month. During the second half of my trip, I will be meeting with disability rights advocates in Mumbai (and perhaps LGBT advocates, although I have not yet gotten confirmation on those meetings). Should I bring gifts? Maybe for the organizers (as opposed to everyone). Cool disability rights themed or other ideas? Don't want anything too big to weigh down my luggage.
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Do they speak/read English? I have just been reading this book and the guy who wrote it has an institute named after him on the West coast. The reason I mention this is because he had a well-known t-shirt collection with disability rights slogans many of which are available from this seller. The book itself is fairly amazing but pretty academicky so not right for everyone but it's got a great history of disability activism in the US which I hadn't read anyplace else.
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Definitely bring something, it's an unspoken rule that as a guest, you never go empty-handed. Books about disability/LGBT issues in the US are a good idea, as are buttons/stickers if you want something small and light that you can hand out.
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