ordering flowering cactus or flowers online
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Looking for recommendations on ordering a flowering cactus or some flowers online for someone recuperating from surgery. I'm trying to stay under $60 if possible. The person is in Baldwinsville NY, which I believe is in the Syracuse (?) area. I'd like to place an order this evening.
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Poot's House of Cactus in California does mail order and has some amazing small cylindrical pink cacti that have incredible flowers - see here:

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Baldwinsville is indeed in the Syracuse area. Noble's Flowers is local (to B'ville) and I've heard it mentioned before, but I can't vouch for them personally.
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I've always had good service from http://www.proflowers.com. I don't see any cactus, but they do have a fairly good selection of get well gifts and flowers for well under $60.
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Another vote for Proflowers - very satisfied with them. Also, if you click on the radio microphone on the homepage and type in SHERI, they'll give you a glass vase for free.
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wow luriete those are beautiful!! Thanks you guys.
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i would vote for an Orchid.... we picked up a 12 dollar orchid a couple months ago that bloomed and flowered for 2-3 months.... with the most beautiful delicate blooms imaginable.

cacti are nice - but a little severe .
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I know a MeFite whose wife is from Baldwinsville and may have some good advice. His e-mail isn't on his profile page, but e-mail me (mefi at telescreen dot 0rg) and I can try to put you in contact.
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specialk420 - it's funny you mention orchids - in my surfing last night in search of cacti, I saw a beautiful yellow orchid that was really cool. It's my backup choice. The cactus was a sense of humor move as well. And thanks vidiot I'll be in touch.......
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