Stories on cassette 20+ years ago...
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Back in the mid to late 80s my dad had this casset tape series of stories that I absolutely loved. Not kids stories though. They were narrative with the person / people guiding you through the experience. The part that sticks in my mind the most is that there was this wall with a hole in it. The man tells that when he stuck his finger in he couldn't pull it back out, he could only go further in. So he kept digging and pushing himself into the wall ... and thats all I remember but it just amazed me. If anyone knows what this is I'd be eternally grateful.
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Was it one of the Joe Frank Works in Progress episodes?
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No. Wasn't Joe Franks. Voice isn't right. Thanks for the try though.
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Can't speak of the cassette aspect but that story reminds me of The Enigma of Amigara Fault.
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I Found It!!

Celestial Navigations -

The specific one I was looking for was "The Wall" - YouTube - Celestial Navigations - The Wall

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