International Money Transfer
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I would like to transfer $ 5000 from an account in Italy to my bank account here in the State. Can it be done electronically and if so, how?
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Best answer: It can be done by wire transfer. Talk to your banks about setting it up.
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Best answer: Does your bank in Italy have a website? For my German bank account, I could set up wire transfers to my US account online, and did not have to authorize anything in person.
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Best answer: I send my Italian bank a signed fax (I know, how quaint!) with all the transfer information (account number to and from, receiving bank IBAN and SWIFT codes, etc) and they wire it over.
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Best answer: You can arrange an international wire transfer. As others have said you may have to fax confirmation to your bank in Italy. You'll need your account number, bank name and address and routing number. It's pretty easy to arrange just contact the bank you want the money sent from. Last time I did it it cost me around AUD$75 to transfer AUD$50K plus taking a hit with a shitty exchange rate to US$.
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Best answer: I've used Currencyfair in the past. At the time, the exchange rate and $4 transfer fee (yes, really), came out to be a little cheaper than XE Trade and And definitely MUCH cheaper than a wire transfer.
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Best answer: When setting up an international wire, I would check with my bank to make sure about the routing number specifying that it's an international wire. Some US banks route their international wires thru an intermediary.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I think I will investigate the exchange rate before doing anything.
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