CD storage suggestions that have individual CD "slots"
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One of my 17 year old Laserline CD towers broke. The one that broke held 400 CDs and my total collection is somewhere in the 800 range. I need one or more storage towers/racks to hold at least 400, and possibly all of them at some point. Besides being able to store a lot of CDs, the other feature it needs to have is "slots". Most current storage options for large quantities of CDs, are basically empty shelves for you to fill. My CDs are in a particular oder, so if one is out, I want to be able to see the missing CDs at a glance. Any suggestions?
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Seems like the sort of thing that should be abundant on Ebay, Craigslist, or yard sales.
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I would have thought so too COD! But, in past when I've looked on ebay for these, when I found ones with slots they were in the lower capacities (20 to 30 CD range).
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Can we get a reason for the slots? Is is a footprint issue? Any chance we can get a pic of it? Is it a tower that spins around? Where are you? Do you have access to fleamarkets or swapmeets?

Although, you're probably right, the days of mass CD towers has gone the way of the Jort. I was gonna say Etsy, but all I can find are ones with tiny shelves for like $125. If you can hang something, you could probably commission someone on Etsy to do some sort of hanging helical beehive of CDs.
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Found one, but... you ain't gonna like the price or footprint. The 320-slot model is significantly less expenive, but still, wow.

Much cheaper options at the 100-capacity mark. It looks like these would be easily wall-mounted if space is an issue.

Ebay does have a few 400-slot spinners like you used to have, search for "Laserline tower."
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We use this type and hang them on the wall. As you can see at the bottom, they come in different sizes, which makes the layout easy to configure on a wall. I always snag them at garage sales where you can get them for just a few bucks. They are virtually indestructible.
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@Sphinx - The slots are for organizational purposes. Each physical CD I buy, I assign a number to, and then they get ordered by the numbers. (the rest of my life I'm a slob, but I'm organized in my music because it's that important!)

@Slap*Happy - Wow! Those racks from were nice looking! They would almost be worth the price, but my concern is getting them into where I'm living, as well as maneuvering them to wherever I put them :-/ The ebay link was annoying just because I swear I've looked on ebay so many times and never found any! I guess it proves if you want something done right you have to AskMefi ;-)
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