Ripping Gaiam DVD for iPad - Handbrake Not Helping
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I am trying to rip a few of my favorite Gaiam yoga DVDs for my iPad. I used Handbrake, but the ripped file resulted in a distorted picture (though the sound was fine). I tried various Handbrake settings, but the result was the same. How can I make this work, and view my DVD on my own device (damn you, DRM!)?
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When you say distorted, what do you mean? Can you step us through what you did and have you tried deinterlacing?
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I have had really good luck with the free ripper here -
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Does Handbrake still require VLC be installed for it to successfully decrypt during a DVD extraction?

Even though this is old, that's what it indicates: How to rip a DVD with HandBrake.
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What kind of computer are you doing the ripping on? If it's a Mac, I have been using Mac DVD Ripper Pro (not free however) with great results, although I never had a problem with Handbrake.
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Jessamyn, by distorted, I mean that I get a patchwork of multicolored squares.

To answer your second question, I set up the iPad mp4 file. I had tried various deinterlacing settings, with no improvement. Otherwise, I kept the standard settings.

I am on a Windows PC, but have access to a Mac. I also have VLC installed.

I'll look into the Mac DVD Ripper Pro for the Mac.
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Patchwork of multicoloured squares sounds to me like the encryption on your DVD is doing what it was designed to do.

Try installing a decryption layer such as DVD43 or AnyDVD.
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If you've got an older Mac OS (10.6.8 or older), the older version of Mac The Ripper still works pretty well on about 90% of the DVDs I've tried it with. Not sure about the newer version.
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You could try ripping the DVD with MakeMKV, then convert the resulting .mkv file with Handbrake.

Also, are you using the iPad preset in Handbrake?
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