Parting gifts for an awesome work team?
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I got a full-time job offer and will be giving my two weeks' notice to my current freelance gig. I want to give the people I've worked with a nice little gift before leaving. It's a big company so I can't take them all out to lunch/happy hour. Any ideas on what would be appropriate and not terribly expensive?
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To be honest, the best gift I can think of from a coworker is an orderly transition, including working with each person who will be taking over all of your tasks (there are more than you ever think) and including notes of the "tribal knowledge" that you have that is not documented anywhere.

I'd consider anything else to be odd. Your work should compensate you for your time, not the other way around.
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I think it's nice that you want you want to say good-bye on a personal level. I think flowers for the lunch room or the front desk would be lovely. Add a nice card with your thanks for the opportunity to work with such great people.
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Best answer: I think consumables are the way to go here. Fancy coffee and really nice pastries and donuts from a frou-frou bakery on your last day, a bunch of really nice chocolate, some fancy ground coffee and an assortment of tea to leave in the break room, etc.
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Yummy treats are the way to go, something you can put out and let others grab and eat. Amazing donuts, cookies, candies, or a veggie tray if they are a healthy group. Be sure to bring napkins and place a thank you card next to it so they know its a gesture of thanks.
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To add to above, how about a morning box of bagels, schmears, and coffee? Where we are, Noah's Bagels does this quickly and easily, not too expensive. Maybe in your town there's something similar?

Xicana63's suggestion of a card is great.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I think donuts (or bagels) and coffee will be the way to go with this particular crowd.

And yes, I'm wrapping up my last project before I go, to make sure no one's left hanging. :)
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