Help me fix my unsightly roots fast!
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I waited too long and now my roots are coming out. I really ought to fix this tonight. I was wondering if anyone has used the root touch up product and how your results were? Also, do I really need to do a test 48 hours ahead? I've used various hair colors with no ill effects (I have no tattoos). I had a salon job, brown with highlights and cannot go there this week.
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I use it all the time and it works great. My stylist doesn't even notice it usually. Just be aware that you don't get a lot of color and you should start with and concentrate on the forehead area and part.
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i do my roots all the time with grocery store brand root touch up products. i've never done a skin test first but i've never had an allergy problem. i like the l'oreal brand better than nice & easy's brand. i do have to leave the color on for about 50 minutes, rather than 10 minutes as the instructions say, as the grays on my dark brown hair are really color resistant.
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I've used both the loreal and the clariol root touch ups. They are very good and blend in well. I have very grey resistant hair and leave it in for a little longer for best results but have done it in a hurry for just the 10 minutes and it blended the roots in OK even then. You don't usually get enough for all your hair, well I don't but I do have very thick hair, and I do it along my part and around my face and then if there is enough around the back. It works great. I have alternated full home colouring and root touch up colourings for about a year now as I have roots showing after 3 weeks due to fast growing hair and have had no problems whatsoever.
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My wife uses the Clairol root touch up kit and has had no issues with it to my knowledge. She has never had to do the 48 hour test.
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I use the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo, which comes in colors. I do my part and lightly on the hairline, and brush it not quite through. Looks fine, except maybe at high noon on a beach with no hat. It's so much more controllable than touch up stuff. You might also ask your colorist if he/she would be willing to do what my colorist does in between full on color---she mixes up the color, does my hairline, roots and maybe behind ears, stuffs me into a shower cap and I drive home, rinse it out, and voila! Color for far less than the full deal.
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I just did this this afternoon. The only reason to buy a root touch up kit is to get the nice little brush, after that you can get all cheap like me and use a regular box dye kit with the ingredients divided into thirds (before mixing and use a glass bowl for mixing) for $3 touchups.
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For the future this color touch-up pen works really well for my dark brown hair with bright white/gray roots when I'm too long between actual hair color touch-ups and it lasts for a really long time, years. It may take a bit to get used to it, using the least amount of the product as possible seems to work best for me on slightly damp hair although dry works too. I tried another brand but did not like it as much, too dark and slightly clumpy needing smoothing with my fingers. As my roots start to show in 10 days I frequently use a portion of a regular box of dye with a little paint brush as I'm not going to the salon twice a month.
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It's the same as the regular hair color, just less of it with the special brush, for the same price. I just buy regular color, and mix up only a little bit at a time to do my roots.
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Response by poster: My hair looks great. Thanks all.
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