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Where can I find reliable data quickly about Obama's re-election campaign? Things like: - How many volunteers - How many door-to-door contacts or telephone calls made by volunteers - How much money got raised through the website Thanks!
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If the campaign itself hasn't made this information publicly available--and I don't believe they have--then you're going to have a hard time getting it. Political ground games and fundraising methodologies are considered something akin to trade secrets. Can't have other candidates knowing how one does things, yes?

As far as the money goes, you can often find out who gave money and how much--both of those are matters of public record in many instances--but not really how.
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As far as I know the campaign has not and will not release the specific information you're looking for because, as valkyryn pointed out, it's seen as proprietary info. You could check the campaign's press releases from each fundraising period. They usually announced how much was raised from small donors, which is a good proxy for how much was raised through the website.
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Best answer: Some useful information in the Obama campaign's Legacy Report.
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Response by poster: Wow, that really saved my day! Some nice numbers on Volunteers and their work in their (though no fundraising info as far as I can see)
Thank you Gabrielsamoza!
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You may also be interested in checking out Inside the Cave, a post-election report released by Engage. It focuses mainly on the digital aspect of the Obama campaign, but includes some of the numbers and stats you mention above.
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