Where can I find 60s teen beat/garage records in Dallas?
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I'll be in Dallas in a few weeks for a conference and I'd like to go record shopping. Specifically, I'd like to buy 60s garage records from the Dallas/Fort Worth scene. Where should I go?

I'll be staying a the Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown Hotel, so something walkable/transit-able would be best, though I might be able to get a ride or take a cab. I've seen Teen A Go Go and have most of the Back From the Grave/Teenage Shutdown/Pebbles compilations, so I know there was a pretty sizable and really awesome scene in the 60s with lots of records released. Where should I got to get a Larry and the Blue Notes or a Jades 45?
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Bill's Records.
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Honestly, I'd skip Bill's - and this is coming from someone who's known Bill for nearly 25 years. If he even has what you're looking for, you're gonna pay way way way more than if you were to find the same item online.

For local 60's garage I'd try Forever Young in Grand Prairie, Doc's in Ft Worth, and definitely (warning: autoplay music) Shake Rag in East Dallas. Good luck - Dallas/Ft Worth had a vibrant garage scene back in the 60's and thus there were, at one time, a lot of 45's floating around by obscure teen groups. It seems that all but a very few have been scooped up, exported to non-Texas locales, and had their sticker prices jacked up to 'collector' levels.
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Oh. I just noticed the part where you're staying downtown without your own wheels. Yeah, you'll need to get a ride to the places I've listed as they're not easily accessed by public transit. Cabbing it to Shake Rag would be doable, but I'd definitely call them first to see if they fit yer needs - it's been a good 3 years since I've been in there.
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Thanks for the suggestions! Shake Rag looks really dangerous since it ticks two of my collector nerd boxes - records and old guitars.
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