Analogies/ representations of impaired judgement from alcohol
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I'm looking for visual representations or imagery that can be used as an analogy/representation of how drinking (too much) alcohol clouds one's judgment. (explanation inside)

-- background: a couple of years ago, there was a popular commercial in the U.S. (a diet plan?) that showed massive amounts of sugar pouring from a vending machine, a coke can etc. to "represent" all hidden calories etc. To me it was pretty powerful in making me back off of snacks etc.

Also, I've heard it said that abusing hard drugs is like putting a candy bar into your gas tank.

I'm looking for something similar in regards to intoxication and judgement/mental impairment. (The idea is to have such a picture in mind to help me not want to drink too much, not necessarily how alcohol can hurt my body.)

also, I'm not looking for pics of a guy with his head in a toilet, but more of a "visual simile"
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"Glasses" promo from MADD
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Google image search
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DUI simulators (example video) are used for high school students to give them an idea of what driving while intoxicated is like.
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