Fennel toothpaste that isn't Tom's?
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TorontoToothpasteFilter: When my husband was vacationing in Spain, he picked up this amazing toothpaste and we fell in love with it completely. It is flavoured with fennel, myrrh, and propolis rather than the North American **All-Mint-All-The-Time** Extravaganza, and we realised that we liked this taste much much better. Sadly, our usual stores have succumbed to the minty-fresh lobby.

We have tried Tom's of Maine's fennel toothpaste but it doesn't taste nearly as good and we would rather have fluoride in our toothpaste than not. We are in Toronto and therefore have ethnic stores of nearly every type, so we suspect that there is actually a lot of fennel-based toothpaste around that we haven't located yet.

Where is Toronto hiding the good toothpaste? Does someone sell that exact toothpaste? It is so good.
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Trader Joe's has a fennel, propolis & myrrh toothpaste. Are you near a Trader Joe's?
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vitabellosi, we're in Toronto. I don't think Trader Joe's is in Canada at all.
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Have you tried an asian market/grocer? They might not have that particular flavor but they'll have other interesting ones (neem, etc.)
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The Trader Joe's paste is available via amazon.com (though not amazon.ca as far as I can tell), but also appears to be flouride-free.

This site offers the toothpaste you like, but prices and shipping are... on the steep side.

This appears to be Corpore Sano's US importer; they don't have the paste you're interested in in stock, and the prices are still well above what toothpaste usually costs.
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Desert Essence makes a tea tree toothpaste in fennel.
Nature's Gate makes a "Creme de Anise" (sic) which is spell-corrected in Canada.
Check out Superstore (Loblaws) in their organic aisle.
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Whole Foods Market will likely have these and more.
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Noah's Natural Foods seem to carry some "alternative" toothpastes, although not exactly what you're looking for. Aside from the suggestion of an asian grocer, you may have some luck in the eco/green type stores in Toronto, e.g. Essence of Life Organics or the pharmacy area of The Big Carrot.
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Ditto the Asian market suggestion. In particular, I've found that Indian markets have a pretty interesting selection of toothpastes, and I'm fairly sure I've seen fennel at the one where we shop.
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I love the Trader Joe's toothpaste. Can you find a way to get it? Maybe a drop-shipper? I ight trade you some for MacIntosh toffees!
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Yeah, seconding Loblaw's. If you go to one of their larger GCSS locations, they have a variety of non-mint toothpaste. It was there that I discovered that, yes, there are toothpastes that taste more awful than Biotène.
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How long can you wait? I am coming to Toronto in May-June, and I live near a TJs. I will bring you as many tubes as you want.
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I'm so with you on the mint overkill. I go through this every time with my dental hygienist.

"I can give you some samples of toothpaste."

"Yes, but they're all mint."

"Mint? Really? I can give you some of this."

'It's mint. Extra strong mint."

"Really?" (I think by now she's mint-blind.)

I've always wanted to try Botot but not sure where to get it in Canada (in my case Montreal).

Green Beaver, a Canadian firm, makes an anis toothpaste. I tried it and thought it had mint in it too, but an email from the manufacturer swore up and down it doesn't.
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I live in Barcelona, send me a pm if you really want this particular brand of toothpaste (I'd venture it is sold here, although I'm not familiar with it.) I'm sure we could work something out.

Trust me, I understand the feeling. My friends bring my toothpaste from Trader Joe's when they visit. But now I might just try this type you're talking about...
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When we say 'Asian', are we talking Chinatown or Little India? We live near both. Will also check out the Eco shops!
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Weleda Calendula toothpaste, you can find it at most Whole Foods, some health food stores, online.
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I don't know if it's available in Canada, but Auromère toothpaste comes in several flavors including one called "Mint-Free". I haven't tried that one, but the licorice-flavored one is nice.
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It's only $8.00 per tube, and it seems like it would last...they will ship to US and Canada. Bien Fortuna!
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Miessence has a lemon or anise flavour. Maybe an option if you can't find the fennel.

They are fluoride free though so maybe not!
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