I broke my friend's lamp...
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I broke my friend's lamp and I am trying to find the closest possible replacement.

It's like a desk lamp but takes a candela E12 bulb. There is no identifying information on it except a sticker which contains:

ISSUE NO. BH-93 156.

How can I find this lamp online, or one very similar to it? Here's a link for photos of the lamp and sticker: photos
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How does the glass part connect? Maybe you can replace just that part. For example, I found this piece which is sort of similar.

But also, does your friend know you broke it/have you asked them where they got it/do you know for sure they want a similar replacement?
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Googling suggests that this is the manufacturer: Allites. They don't have anything like that in their catalogue. Realistically, you aren't likely to find the exact same lamp. You are probably better off offering your friend an appropriate amount of cash to replace it with a lamp they desire (or, if they prefer, just buying something similar at Ikea).
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needs more cowbell - Thank you for your suggestion for replacing only the glass part. I am going to measure the diameter of the detachable glass shade and see if I can find a match.

ssg - What did you google to determine Allites is the manufacturer?
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"E188266" lamp
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Call the company. It's likely they can ship you the part!
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Before you go to a bunch of trouble, you may want to mention it to your friend. They may be sick of that design and would be happy to get whatever amount of money you'd spend on the replacement lamp to put towards a new, maybe better lamp.
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If you can't find a replacement, get a cool new lamp or a gift card and share this old ikea commercial with your friend :) http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=dBqhIVyfsRg
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If all you need to do it to replace the glass shade, try checking out some of the big box home stores in the ceiling light fan glass shade section. The link is to the first store that showed up in google search.
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The diameter for the lamp shade is 1 3/16". I am having trouble finding a replacement.
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