Flat thermal mug?
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Is it possible to buy an insulated mug/single serving thermos that is flat, eg, like a liquor flask? (Or at least flatter than the norm.)

I sometimes have to get up early and take a long train ride. I would like to be able to take a single serving of my own coffee with me in an insulated mug (because the train only does instant). However, my insulated mugs are all cylindrical, which makes them a pain to stick in my laptop backpack. Is it possible to buy a flatter mug or flask that would be a neater fit? If so does anyone have specific recommendations? Would need to be available in the UK.
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I did a quick search for a military surplus arctic canteen and found this- further searching using some combination of those terms might turn up more.

Only other thought I had was to try to find or make a neoprene cover for your flask, similar to a beer cozy. Here's an example, though doesn't look thick enough to really keep it warm.
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This might work.
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This forum has some suggestions.
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Flasks Plus on Etsy has a few insulated flasks, including this 64 ounce insulated flask.

note: (one of the designs in the first link is slightly NSFW)
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