Are there any neverhood type apps?
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I love the 1990's neverhood claymation game. Can the green recommend anything similar for iPads?

Particular favourite features - logic puzzles, great music, interesting plot lines and CLAY!
My personal preference are puzzles that drive you so crazy you have to stop playing to mull it over. It took me six months to finally work through the neverhood.

I dislike hidden object puzzle games.

Your suggestions please.
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Not a puzzle game, but you should def check out Clay Jam.
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Sword and Sworcery is a well-known iPad(/iPhone/PC) game that's supposed to have good puzzles and great atmosphere. Not claymation, alas, but the art style is pretty sweet.
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I am watching this with great interest as I loved to play The Neverhood back in the day. I have been wanting to find a game similar to it for years!
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I can't think of any claymation-style games, but Machinarium and Windosill are great games with a similar feel.
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Is goo sort of like clay? World of Goo is a puzzle game that uses sticks with blobs of glue to bridge a gap. The goo part makes the structure pretty weak, structurally, so it's less of a physics puzzle and more of a trial-and-error type puzzle.
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So I have downloaded both clay jam and sword and sorcery so far. I've started with clay jam because well.... CLAY!!! Whilst no puzzles in it, I find myself addicted. Why didn't I ask this question before the holidays!

I'll try the rest when I have more time. Thanks for the answers and keep them coming
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