She's having a baby!
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My bestest good friend of 20 years is pregnant! YAY! I'd like to get her something simple but awesome to commemorate this. What should I send?

I have been the best of friends (seriously, she's my not really a sister but totally a sister) with a gal for 20 years. I introduced her to one of my good dude friends years ago and they're married now. I actually performed their ceremony! Anyway, they've been trying for a baby and I got the call today. SHE'S PREGNANT!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it for I love these two people greatly. They've both, separately and together, been by my side for years and I'd like to send along a little something for them. She's just 4 weeks along so they're not telling people yet and they don't know the sex yet so it would need to be something either gender neutral or geared towards them as parents. I'll be mailing this to them so that may color the suggestions.

Can you think of something I could send along, as a small but thoughtful congratulations? I've been wracking my brain for hours now and can't really think of much. I'm a parent too (and also, they love my son and have always insisted on being incredibly generous and wonderful to him and he views them as basically his aunt and uncle) but I'm still at a loss. Both aren't really flower people and besides, I want to send something more thoughtful than that. I'm open to personalized somethings as a suggestion, I just can't think of what exactly...

Any thoughts?
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I hate to be this girl, but it's early, but you know that too. That being said, I love the idea of marking it with a beautifully expressed card or letter telling them all of this - how wonderful they will be as parents, how excited you are, how special they are to you, what you are looking forward to and welcoming them to the parenting fold. If you want, send them a giftcard for a celebratory dinner.

Once she gets a bit further along, something more along the lines of a special keepsake for the family as a whole.
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Not sure if it's out of budget, but a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at a nearby spa would be nice; or for a couples' massage (making sure that the place offers prenatal so she can have hers as appropriate.) (Prenatal is not all that different, they just have a special pillow for pregnant tummies to fit into.)
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A fake gift certificate for Dill Pickle Ice Cream. (Pregnant women are legendary for having strange food cravings.) (Of course, this would be a gag, and I would assume you would also send other, more sincere gifts.)
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Best answer: Personally, my go to gift for things like this is a special Kids book "to start their library".
Especially one with special meaning to you, one of your kid's favorites, a classis, or one that references "Best mommy ever" or "special dad" etc.

I Love You Through and Through is my personal favorite for this.
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Echoing Jerseygirl ----- a card or something now, and real presents starting in a few months. 4 weeks is ..... Nothing, unfortunately. There's a reason the norm is not to tell your wider circle until 12-14 weeks.
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Agree with card now, more later. I shared similar news with friends three weeks ago, and last week had to share very unfortunate followup news.
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Best answer: I like the idea of a children's book or two to start the library. My personal favorite is I Love My Daddy (and the companion, I Love My Mommy, which is out of print but available used) by Sebastien Braun. Gorgeous paintings and simple, sweet messages. Write a nice inscription about how you know they'll be amazing parents and you've got a nice gift.

We also got a few gift certificates to a local movie theater, and one of our favorite restaurants, with the note that date nights would be limited in the future, so we should enjoy them now. We appreciated those quite a bit.
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Please do NOT give a children's book or any similar gift. If you are compelled to give anything at all, give a consumable food thing and/or a nice card. I miscarried at 11 weeks a few months ago and I wouldn't want to own anything that was a gift for that pregnancy.
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I still have unopened gifts from my first miscarriage back in early 2012 that I can't deal with.

Right now make it about her and your friendship together. A letter or card, especially a handmade card, would be lovely.
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Nth-ing the card or letter now, and wait until at least the 2nd trimester for actual baby gifts, as another one speaking from sad experience.
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Best answer: I have several books given to me by close friends and family fit what turned out to be a miscarriage at 13 weeks, and now, almost 5 years later, I cherish those books. So don't necessarily let that idea stop you. You know your friend.
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Maybe a modest gift basket of some of the things that are said to help with morning sickness - crackers, gingersnaps and other ginger stuff, vitamin for more. A person can always enjoy them, nausea or no.
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