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Tiny coffee-shop style arm chairs?

Often I see tiny little arm chairs at coffee shops, specifically Caribou. They are just like a regular armchair youd have in your living room; stuffed back, bottom and arms, wood legs...but they are teeny. Like, maybe 2/3rd size. They'd be perfect for a room in my apartment. Are they called something specific? Micro arm chair? Miniature? Diminutive? Pigmy? Smallish?

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I just searched "compact armchair -sofa" and found some interesting stuff. (If you don't weed out "sofa" you get a ton of loveseats.)
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Another general concept to look for is "condo-size furniture". Especially if you're in a big city that has a lot of condos, there are probably entire furniture shops in the condo-y neighbourhoods that specialize in that kind of thing.
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