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Chegg contacted me to ask if I wanted payment or credit for what appears to be someone else's books -- I'd like for the actual seller to earn the money, but it's hard to contact Chegg by phone or chat.

Today Chegg sent me "Extra Book Resolution" (EBR) emails regarding three different books that I did not send to them at all. I would have disregarded the emails but the offer is time sensitive (the decision must be made by Jan 31st or Chegg assumes that the books are a donation). I suspected that the address from which Chegg contacted me was a no-reply address, but I figured I would try it anyway. Unfortunately, I was right and when I visited the Chegg website to find another way to contact the company, I had the following options: "Chat", "Call Us", or use Twitter. The "Chat" and the "Call Us" buttons opened a sort of pop up that read "Enter keyword in search box and select from a drop down to access " but below that text, no form controls were displayed. This behavior was the same in each of my installed browsers. I also do not have a Twitter account or a Facebook account (I know, I know, I'm really burnin' up the social networking scene, eh).

In summary, I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with Chegg customer service before and can MeMail me a link or phone number with which I can reach out to Chegg. The amounts that Chegg offered for each of the books are sizable payments/credits that I know the original sender would miss if they are indeed expecting Chegg to contact them. And even though I have no idea if Chegg reached out to the both me and original sender, I would like to make sure that Chegg knows that these books are associated with someone else.

My mother told me that I should just take the payments and donate them to a charity if I can't get in touch with the company. I would like to avoid having to deal with the money, but in case it comes down to that, does anyone know of any charities that deal with getting help for people suffering from mental health issues. Since the books are all psychology related, it seems appropriate that the several hundred dollars go to such an organization rather than into Chegg's pockets.

I'm in the process of ferociously typing a lab report while I try to get this Chegg money into the right hands, so if I've missed some obvious phone number on the Chegg website, please forgive my absent-mindedness. Thanks in advance for any information/suggestions.

Note: I also checked inside my Chegg account details. Although each of the books are listed as "Book Buyback" transactions when I drill down into the transactions for more information (like any other individuals associated with the books) I see nothing except for information about the actual book (ISBN, Author, etc.).
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Open a twitter account just to use for this Chegg interaction? Also, if you never can get in touch and take the money yourself, before donating it to charity, hold it in "escrow" or to the side for a few months in case it all gets cleared up and they want their money back or the real user is identified and wants her money.
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The customer service # I found on their page is (855) 576-6288. Hours M-F 9a-5p.
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It was on the sidebar of this page.
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Thanks for the number DoubleLune - I checked the sidebar of that page just now and believe it or not the number still doesn't appear for me. Even when I use the "Find" function. In any case, thank you! It's much appreciated.
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Yeah, it was a bit weird. I was on my phone and the box came up for a few seconds and disappeared, but didn't show each time.
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Strange. It looks like you HAVE to type in the "How can we help?" box in the middle of the Contact Us page & pick a question/problem. THEN when you click the "call us" button it gives you a different number, depending on which problem you picked.
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