Loooking for good landscape and nature photo blogs
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I love great photography and nature, and I check my RSS feed a couple of times a day. I'd love to have great nature photography scattered among the news and blogs I'm reading. It's also fine if it's great photography that includes other subjects. So, what great photography sites provide an RSS feed of images/posts?
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I have National Geographic's Photo of the Day in my reader.
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I subscribe to Shorpy.com. This is NOT nature photography it is typically historical photography, always interesting.
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Boston.com's The Big Picture is excellent. Sometimes the posts are about the season or holidays or events but often they are about a specific place. In any case the photos are usually of the highest quality and are stunning and powerful.
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The U.S. Department of the Interior posts beautiful shots on Webstagram.
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These two blogs are not without their problems, and are frequently a bit too much on the "outdoor lifestyle" side of things, but they also post what I consider to be beautiful nature shots:

A Restless Transplant

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I've posted about this before, but I love, love, love the Atlantic's InFocus news photo blog. I enjoyed viewing the photos there even before I was "into" photography. The compiler of InFocus, Alan Taylor, created the aforementioned Big Picture news photo blog for the Boston Globe. You don't think of finding photos online as a "talent" until you see the way Taylor does it.
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Also, check out 500px. Overall, the website has really high quality photography. I discovered it recently and love it. They have a photo blog that you can subscribe to via RSS feed.
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I just checked this 2007 FPP and Johnny JAG is still out there with his camera walking the dog in the North Pennines.
Unfortunately this guy has just stopped due to ill health but his knowledge of Mallorca was astounding.
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If you don't mind scrolling past some personal blog entries, Jeffrey Friedl lives in Japan and posts beautiful photos ranging from portrait to object to landscape to his personal blog.
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This guy is the best one I've ever seen:

Art In Nature Photography by Floris Von Breugel
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