A very light shoulder daypack for travel?
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I'm looking for a small canvas bag ideal for packing beach supplies + camera, but not a trendy messenger bag, nor a backpack.

I'm going on a months-long backpacking trip in Mexico with a large 80L backpack. Most days I intend to leave the big pack in my hostel storage, rent a bike, and bike a few miles to the local beach. I'm looking for a smaller pack, something almost tube-shaped, that goes diagonal across your back and is perfect for just a beach towel, some water, a camera, etc. Any ideas where to look, or what's an ideal kind? Ideally it'd be something lightweight enough I could just smush into my large pack when not using it. Just not sure what that kind of thing is called.
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Where I am, a tube-ish rucksack is called a duffel bag (terminology may vary), and you could search for one in light cotton, silk or nylon (normal or ripstop). 'Packable daysack/daypack' seem to be good terms for searching on, too. If you don't mind something a bit too long but still smushable, you could also eye up yoga mat bags. Google, eBay and Etsy are my haunts, plus a bit of time for sorting through what's out of budget.
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REI has this sling bag that might work?

I have an ultra-light backpack that reverses to become a stuff sack that might be great too, though you said no backpack it is work peeping at. I love it. Super light, chest strap, has loops on the outside you can clip things onto and the chest clip is also an emergency whistle.
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A tube-shaped pack that goes diagonal on your back? That's a yoga bag.
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Thanks guys, I should've thought of that. Sling Bag / Yoga Bag are getting closer to the terminology that was escaping me. Poking around for one that is just perfect for a beach towel, flip flops, lotion, a book, a camera, etc....
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The REI Flash. I can't link on my phone but its exactly what you want.
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The REI Flash. I can't link on my phone but its exactly what you want.

Looks sweet, but that's more the 2-strap backpack style. I'm looking for the across-the-shoulder (sling) style which is, for me, easier for biking and easier on the shoulders.
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The Timbuk2 catapult is great. Maybe not big enough for a SLR, towel and more though. ebags has a bunch of other options under 'slings.'
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Plus - the little bike lock holder is nifty!
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The Mountainsmith Tour is great for biking, it's a lumbar pack so no excess back sweat from the backpack, also has compression straps to keep it as tight to your back as possible which moves the pack's center of gravity more toward your own, it really has a noticeable effect of making the pack lighter. Two water bottle holders on the sides and a pocket for your phone that's easily reachable while riding. When you get off your bike the waist straps can disappear inside their case and you can use the shoulder strap to carry it.
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What about a drybag? It's probably a little heavier than a lightweight nylon crushable bag, but it might be nice to have on hand if you find yourself needing to separate out some wet and dry items in your bag. They also have a lighterweight version in a flatter shape.
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Looks sweet, but that's more the 2-strap backpack style.

Sorry, I thought they had a sling style in the Flash too. Not anymore apparently. Arcteryx made one a couple years ago so everyone had to copy them last year. Maybe try some outlet stores to see if last years stuff is still available.
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MEC has a bunch of slingpacks, from wallet size to very large daypack. They seem to be very popular, judging from how many I see around, the Pod models in particular.
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