Is it possible to sell a gmail address?
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I have several VERY desirable gmail addresses. Is there any way to sell/trade them for anything of value?

I received a gmail invite at the very beginning of the "public" service. I picked several very desirable usernames and kept inviting myself to open new accounts. I ended up with about 15-20 new accounts with usernames that would be useful to many people. I haven't used any of these for the past 8 years or so. I log in occasionally to keep them active.

I have no need for these accounts and would like to sell them or trade them for something of value. I assume (?) selling is against the terms of service, but maybe trading would be okay?

The usernames would be things like: president@gmail or doctor@gmail or emailme@gmail or thenews@gmail (none of these are mine but similar to the desirability I am talking about)

Question: What is the best way to sell/trade these accounts without running afoul of the Google rules?
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"OG" gmails! Good ones don't come on the market very often. Folk who sell and buy these usually hang out in shady forums and a very good one can fetch $50.

Yeah, it's against the rules. But in my estimation, it's morally equivalent to buying pot. Efficient economic distribution of resources and all.

Consider using a middleman.
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The "previously" thread has good advice. And FWIW, I cannot imagine Google hassling you for this. They might not be pleased and they wouldn't endorse it, but it would totally not be worth their time to follow up in any way.

I would love a good GMail address, myself. (Generically useful, not president@ or doctor@ type stuff.) Memail me if you want to talk about that :-)
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