Looking for lesson plans - Recycling Specific
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I am compiling a collection of K-12 lesson plans on waste reduction/recycling/reuse/composting etc. Where are the best places to look?

Many of the links I have found on google have the same five or six lessons. The EPA's Quest for Less is an example of what I am looking for. NYC's RRResource guide is also great.

Are there any other high quality free resources that I should be looking at?

I am searching more for compilations of activities than for individual lessons, but am open to anything.
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What state is this for and are you trying to meet any Common Core standards?
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Some North Carolina resources:
NC Environmental Education Teacher Resources and Learn NC a database of lesson plans that can be searched by keyword. A quick search for "Recycling" came up with several hits including links to resources from outside of NC.
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Kokua Hawaii Foundation has a "3 R" program they run in local public schools. Some resources they use are available online here.
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