Cat sitter in Boston
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I moved back to Boston a bit over a year ago. previously I was living in the suburbs in a southeastern city and had a really great pet sitter: she would come to the house to care for my pets daily when I travelled. I have had trouble finding a similar person here. I have had a few short work-related trips, for which my building doorman sufficed. When I took a longer personal vacation, I used yelp to find a pet sitter. The person I chose was recommended but REALLY did not measure up. (ie did not show up at all:please memail me if you want who never to use). I am looking for someone who will come to my home daily to feed/water my 2 cats. I live in Fort Point (so parking can be a challenge). Anyone have suggestions? (note; I prefer to leave my cats in situ as vs boarding them)
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Best answer: Have you tried asking your local vet for suggestions? That's where we found ours. (I could MeMail you our her contact info, but I don't think she covers Fort Point).
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Best answer: I would ask your vet, and also Pet Sitters International (, which is a membership organization for professional pet sitters. You should ask to meet them first, and they should be able to tell if they are insured (and sometimes bonded).
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We use Boston Felines and Fidos and have been very happy with them.
Just one example - two years ago we we were stuck out of town over Christmas when the entire eastern seaboard was shut down due to snow. Before we had a chance to contact them we had an email from them asking if we needed them to come a couple extra days.
We've always come home to empty litter boxes, full water and food bowls, and daily write ups of their visits.
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I use Farah at Pups and Kitties. She's great and has always worked around my last minute, sometimes crazy scheduling. 617-938-7120.
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Response by poster: Belated follow up...I did wind up finding someone through my vet who has worked out well. Thanks for suggestions!
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