Graduation gift for close friend/older student?
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One of my best friends is graduating soon from a MSN program. He is already well established in his career, but he took an opportunity to continue his education. He has decided to walk at the ceremony. The ceremony is out of town, and requires flying, not within driving distance. Because we love him and want to show our support, me and my family were planning on going to the ceremony, but the cost of the trip and the time off work is not really doable. Even if I went by myself, it is pretty expensive, so travel has been pretty much ruled out. We would like to get him a gift that would be meaningful and personal, since we can't be there to cheer him on. We thought about a small party, but that seems a little cheesy and routine. We would really like to do something special. Any ideas?
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I think it would be cool if you mailed your friend an ipad with recorded personalized messages from you and your family.
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Maybe take him out for a celebratory dinner upon his return?
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It would be nice to give him something to wear or carry underneath his robe or hat (if he is wearing those things) so that you are there with him in spirit at the actual graduation.

If there is a little sticker or patch that he can attach, or a little figurine or even just neon green socks, I think that would be special.

A big gift can come later if you want, but a small token for the day-of would be meaningful to me.
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Would there be a way for someone to set up Skype (on an ipad or something) so you could be there in that way? I "attended" a friend's special event that way once and it worked out nicely.
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