Shoes for the GoRuck Challenge
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My buddies and I are signed up for a GoRuck Challenge in March, but I need advice on shoes.

I run exclusively in my VFF's, and have completed a Tough Mudder in them against most people's advice, where they performed wonderfully. There doesn't seem to be much info out there for what to wear to a GoRuck, but most of what I've seen advises against minimalist shoes.

Should I ignore that advice again because it worked well for me for the TM? I don't really want to get another pair of shoes exclusively for the GoRuck, but I will if you guys think I should.

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Do they give any reasons for not wearing minimalist shoes?

I can see their point if the terrain you're running on isn't going to be particularly rough and you're wearing shoes that don't have a rock plate like the VFF, but otherwise, I'd stick with shoes that you're comfortable running in. I'm a big fan of a semi-minimalist shoe like the NB MT101 but they offer a bit more protection!
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Have you run with a loaded pack in VFF? If not, don't even think about doing this. There's a big difference between running hard and running hard with weight.
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I have not, bfranklin, but my buddies and I are beginning our training with loaded packs on Sunday, and our GoRuck is two months away. I hadn't thought through that angle, I suppose I'll see how my feet feel after Sunday's run.

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a) Review Stew Smith's ruck march program and note his progressions for adding weight. Train smart and safe.

b) Realistically, I don't think there's any way you can build adaptation to the stress of loaded carries in VFF prior to the goruck. You don't have enough time for meaningful changes in tendon strength and bone density.

c) This leaves you in the position of having to decide whether your current conditioning is sufficient to survive the load, distance, and duration in VFFs. If you're training yourself as mental prep rather than physical, I'd say you might be able to make it in VFFs. If not, I'd run in a lightweight shoe just to avoid mechanical injury. You're no good to your team if you can't run.
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I have a friend (who also ran TM and World's Toughest Mudder) who did the GoRuck challenge in KSO Treks and who is no worse for wear. I'd try a bit loaded training in VFFs and see how you feel rather than dismissing it out right.
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