hanging a medicine cabinet door
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my friend's triple door medicine cabinet lost a door. trying to get a replacement hinge hasn't been fruitful. can you recommend a good alternative hinge? complications inside.

it's a 3 door cabinet with a mirrored front. the glass is applied with adhesive to 1/8th" thick plywood. here is the hinge, affixed to the door plywood via two rivets and here is the pivot point where the hinge sits in the cabinet. it has been impossible to find a replacement hinge and even if we did, it would involve removing the glass somehow from the plywood and then riveting the new hinge to the plywood. not an option. most cabinet hinges are designed to drop into the cabinet itself in a recessed hole. this hole fits the hinge "cup" which allows for clearance of the mechanism, and there's not enough space in the cabinet to clear out a hole with a router. also, the plywood being 1/8th" thick is barely enough for any type of screw to anchor into - or is it? maybe some combination of super small screw and super strong adhesive?? are there hinges out there that i can use to mount this door? i've googled hinges and all i get are these and these.
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Would something like these work?

Or maybe check out the site for other options.
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glass door pivot hinges! thanks, i had no idea what to call them!
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