Perfect pedometer?
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Pedometer recommendation: is there an open source alternative to Fitbit? Or should I go back to a cheap Omron?

I walk 10-25 miles a week, and I like to track my miles.

A few months ago, I lost my trusty Omron pedometer. It worked pretty well for me:

Omron pros:

* pretty reliable

Omron cons:

* no data download; had to hand-log it
* only stores 7 days of data; anything older is lost
* loses lost when battery runs out

I love the idea of a Fitbit, but I'm not willing to sign up to a website to transfer data, nor do I want to pay to transfer data.

I would love an open source option that would track me reliably, but as far as I know, it doesn't exist yet.

I've tried a few pedometer apps for my iPod Touch, but they've been spectacularly unreliable - they'll work great sometimes, and other times they won't log any steps at all, or stop recording after a few minutes.

What's your current recommendation for reliability plus ease of exporting and archiving data, with no need to use a website or third party to transfer the data?

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Best answer: I have a new, unused Omron HJ-720 that I got as a year-end gift from my employer. I already have a pedometer and don't need this one, and it looks like it may not have the drawbacks you listed. I'd be happy to send it to you!
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There is a library for the Bodymedia/Bodybugg devices to grab data.
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I have the same Omron pedometer in my pocket right now. It only displays 7 days of data on the device but it stores 30+ days of activity. The company has a program that you can run on your PC to download your data into. From what I can tell it is nowhere near as slick as Fit bit and the like but it gets the job done.
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Response by poster: Trillian - REALLY? WOW! THANKS! I'm sending you a MeMail now.

I'm still interested in any other answers anyone else has, so feel free to comment if you have suggestions!
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