Sony PSP screen replacement in London?
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The screen on my Sony PSP (2000 edition, not Vita) has stopped working and needs replacing. Can anyone recommend a reputable repair shop somewhere in London that will do this?

The only slight issue I have is that I'm running custom firmware and I'd like to keep it for retro-gaming purposes. As such, official Sony repair centres are probably out as they'll want to "downgrade" the firmware to a Sony approved version.

I'd also ideally like a while-you-wait service and the closer to SW15 (or at a push W2) the better. Having said that, if I have to sit on the tube for a while, then needs must.

Any recommendations?
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I don't know about london, but two things come to mind: you're be able to get a psp 3000 (with an improved screen) used for around $70 US these days, so it may be cheaper to replace it entirely than get it fixed. Also, it's entirely possible to load CFW onto PSPs running the last official firmware (6.60) so that's not an issue either.
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Agreeing with Oktober here. It's probably going to be more efficient (in every way) to buy a new or used PSP and put custom firmware on it. I'd even search around for anyone selling a used PSP that has a non-working disk drive (which was known to happen with the 1001 and 2000), but can still be used with custom firmware.

Heck, I found this guy on local craigslist (yes, I know you're in the UK, but...): PSPs for sale
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Everywhere reputable and indie that I can think of closed down yonks ago. It might worth asking said Sony Repair Centre if they can leave the firmware as is.

Failing that, I've found a few places online that at least look like they know what they're doing.
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