What's this bit of Miami going to be like?
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North Miami filter: In a short while I will find myself at short notice staying in a hotel in North Miami, on Biscayne Boulevard near 123rd Street. I will have a car. What kind of area have I ended up in, is there anything I should see nearby in the evening, and most importantly: is there anywhere nearby for a really good breakfast?
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I'm not sure of specifics, but in general... you're right over a causeway to the beach. You should visit the beach. Don't be like me and not visit the beach when you're in Miami for two weeks on work. (My company is headquartered in Deerfield Beach and we are customers at a datacenter downtown.)

In the evening, if you don't just visit the beach, drive down to Miami Beach and visit the pedestrian mall between 16th and 17th streets. It's good peoplewatching times. Some of the best food I've had in years was had at restaurants (especially Yardbirds and various holes in the walls I was taken to by knowledgeable cuban coworkers) there.

If you have an option to and will be driving during rush hour, definitely get the toll tag when you're picking up the rental.
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Haulover beach is nice if nudity is not an issue. Bal Harbour Shops across the causeway very nice. Good area.
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If you got to Miami Beach, go to the southern part of the island (i.e., South Beach) and go to La Sandwicherie for sandwiches.
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Here's the Walk Score, 77, not bad for Miami.

In Miami, your best bet for breakfast is going to be toast and Cuban coffee. There are little places all over. Look for a bunch of guys in Guayabeda shirts hanging out hollering at each other good-naturedly in Spanish. It's usually a half-window/counter affair, and they'll be drinking strong, sweet coffee out of wee cubs. The toast is cuban bread with butter done in the sandwich press. YUM! I recommend ordering sin aszucar, unless you want your teeth to rot, that stuff is too sweet for me!

You can go to Publix for Guava Pastries and coffee, which is also perfectly acceptable.

If you must, there's a Denny's down there or a Panera, or try DJ's Diner. They'll usually have a .99 deal to appeal to the seniors.

I too recommend going down to Lincoln Road. The folks who own Yardbirds also own Lime and they're great.
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It's a sweet area. There's a super upscale mall mall and shops across the bridge on the area by the beach. The beach right there is fine, and Haulover is fun too. It's free to walk or bike over the bridge but a $1 toll for cars (plus parking costs). Have exact change if you drive. There are also buses that go across.

There's an awesome piano bar not far from there - Magnum Lounge. They have a restaurant part too and some fun outdoor seating, a very welcoming owner and a nice collection of regulars.

Have fun!
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Lincoln Road: done! Lime: done! Magnum Lounge: failed but only because everything else was so much fun there wasn't time. That's some city you have there.

Oh, and that tip about the toll tag should be given to every stranger going to Miami. Saved a fortune in fees.

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