Doesn't Apple want my business?
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Can I really not use an Apple Store gift credit to buy an iTunes card?

I got a very generous Apple Store gift card for Christmas. However, there's scant little I want from the Apple Store, but I'd sure like to buy some music and games. However, I've discovered you can't use Apple Store credit in the iTunes or App stores. No problem, thinks I...You can buy iTunes cards through the Apple Store, so I'll...nope.

It appears that one cannot purchase iTunes gift cards using Apple Store gift card credits. Is this true? Does anyone have any double-secret ways around this seemingly ridiculous rule? Or, am I stuck with a large A-Store credit and nothing to buy?

To head-off the "Sell it on eBay" suggestions...The card was an email card, and I've already redeemed it to my Apple account.
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Oh wait, it doesn't let you buy that?
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Response by poster: Nope. I get to the end of checkout and the only option is credit card. Very frustrating.
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Yeah, according to the conditions, they aren't transferrable and can't be used to purchase gift cards.
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This really isn't unique to Apple; generally, gift cards can never be used to buy more gift cards.
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Have you tried going to an Apple Store? Do you have one near you? I was in the same position where I was given an Apple gift card (though it was an actual gift card) and went into the Apple Store and walked out with an iTunes Store card. Maybe there is a way they can help you in the store?
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I screwed this up for some folks I bought gift cards for this Christmas. Plastic Jungle will buy Apple Store cards at a pretty reasonable rate.
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Yeah, try an actual apple store, they seem to have some flexibility on these things in person. If not, just buy the most generic item you can find, keep the receipt and shrink wrap on, then sell it on craigslist. You should be able to get very close to sticker price.
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You ask rhetorically, "Doesn't Apple want my business?" But Apple already has the money in question; it's been in their coffers since the gift card was purchased. Apple would be happiest if you never redeemed the gift card, but that's not really a reasonable expectation. However, they'd be almost as happy if you redeemed the card on something that they make a fairly high profit margin on. I would guess that they keep a significantly larger fraction of your money if you buy electronics and devices from them than if you buy music from the iTunes Store.
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Do you have an Apple account? Can you redeem the value of the card directly into your Apple account in iTunes?
This is no good if you specifically wanted a gift card, but if you just want to spend the value of the card in iTunes, maybe?
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I've also heard you can trade in Apple gift cards for iTunes cards at an Apple store. If exchanging doesn't work, do you have any friends with impending Apple purchases to make? You can let them use your account, and they can just give you cash.
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Response by poster: goshling...Yes, I have an Apple account. However, the gift e-card was specifically to the Apple Store. It could only be redeemed through the Apple Store, not via iTunes. Different PINs for the two stores. It's crazy that there is this wall between the two.

bluefly (and others)...Since the gift "card" was an e-card (and already redeemed in my account) I have my doubts whether I could get a trade made. In any case, I would only want part of it converted to iTunes.

I've thought about trading purchases. There's this modem on Amazon I'd like. If someone wanted a similarly-priced object at the Apple Store...
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I did this in person at an Apple store in the U.S. a couple of years ago. However, I had the physical gift card with me. Since you've already redeemed the card in your Apple account, that probably complicates things. But I agree with others that you should visit an Apple store, if possible. The staff are usually quite helpful.
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