vintage science and engineering book series... by cover.
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Years ago I saw a flickr set (I think) of the covers of a vintage series of books on science and engineering. Each cover (under the dust jacket) was a single color and featured a simple embossed diagram of the book's topic (e.g rockets, electricity & magnetism), with no text. They were gorgeous. Please help me find the series title!
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You might check out illustrator Glen Mullaly's flickr stream; he curates a collection of vintage children's book illustrations. (I posted about it on the blue back in 2009). I don't see precisely what you're looking for, though there are some near matches.
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Here's something close (last 6 images in the set)
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or some of these
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There's also a bunch of vintage science books in the Vintage Education Flickr group...
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone — I finally found them! It's the New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention. See here.
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Those are beautiful!
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