PowerDirector Audio Assistance Needed
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I'm using PowerDirector 11 to make a fan edit of a movie on DVD (not for anyone else, just for myself). The first few VOB files were a dream to work with, no problems whatsoever. However, when I added the third VOB file it's only playing the DVD's commentary audio, not the actual film audio. Is there some clip setting in PowerDirector to change that? Many thanks!
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Have you tried converting the VOB file to MPEG-2? From the PD11 forum:
The importation of a vob file should follow:

1. vob file is located on your HDD
2. vob file is NOT from a commercial DVD
3. You have a suitable mpeg2/vob codec on your system
4. Your video card drivers are up to date.

DVD vob file conversion from a non-commercial source:
- bring into PDR11,
- place in track.
- select Produce
- select Mpeg2
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