OSX calendar software sync to Google Calendar?
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Is there any calendar/scheduling software for OS X and Windows that can sync info with Google Calendar?

I have an iMac at home and a PC at work. I'll be doing some scheduling work at both places so want them to sync with the same info, preferably with Google Calendar. I find entering in info into Google Calendar to be awkward at best, and frustrating on my low-RAM work computer, so software more robust would be great. Any ideas?
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The "Lightning" plugin for Thunderbird does this.
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iCal supports Google Calendar.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if this is robust enough for you, but gqueues by Google has pretty much revolutionized my work flow, for the better. It's a task management system with a lot of flexibility, and since it's web-based, OS doesn't matter. There are mobile options for apple and android, although this could use some improvement, IMO. It's designed to integrate well with Google Calendar. It's in active development, also, and they listen to their userbase quite a bit.

On review, though, a task-management angle might not be quite what you are looking for.
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Best answer: Does it have to be the same software if they both end up syncing with Google Calendar anyway? BusyCal on Mac is excellent and syncs natively with Google Cal, but there's no Windows version. If you found something similar for Windows, it wouldn't matter that it's not the same software because they stay in sync through Google.
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(just nothing that gqueues is not by or affiliated with Google, it just cribs the design style pretty hard)
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Windows: I have Thunderbird/Lightning/Provider for Google Calendar all running nicely on Windows 7. Of course, I'm still back on Thunderbird 13 instead of 17 because the chain of updates makes me antsy, but the combo works beautifully, allowing me to see and create/edit calendar entries on my PC, Mac and iPhone.

Mac: I just got a new MacBook, set up the mail client with my GMail account, and can see and edit my Google calendar from the Mac Calendar app. I didn't have to do a single extra thing to make this work. (In fact, I just got an alert on my PC, MacBook and phone about the same event.)

So different, free software for OS/X and Windows still means that I can add, edit and view calendar events on my PC desktop (TB/Lightning/Provider), my Mac laptop (Calendar) and my iPhone with no fuss and instant pickup by all other devices. But while this works great for me with slightly out of date Windows software, updating requires some research to make sure that the latest Provider plug-in works. In addition, you would have to change your mail client if you're not already using Thunderbird, which I doubt you have installed at work.
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(just nothing that gqueues is not by or affiliated with Google, it just cribs the design style pretty hard)

That's correct, thanks for pointing this out. I actually hadn't noticed this.
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