What can I seed or mirror on my server to help the world?
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I lease a massive server that I am underutilizing. I'd like to use up to 8TB/month of transfer and 500GB of disk space to make the world a better place. I am already seeding Ubuntu distros, Project Gutenberg, and Pearl Jam shows, and I'm looking for more ideas.
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Best answer: OpenStreetMap mirror, or better, an OSM tile mirror.
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Run a tor middleman node (low-hassle), bridge (some hassle) or exit node (plenty of hassle).
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CTAN the LaTeX package repository? Having a fast link to that would be really useful for a lot of people.
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Best answer: The Archive Team preserves the user-created content that regular people pour their hearts and lives into publishing, without realizing that the flick of a switch at Yahoo can zorch the whole thing from the internet forever.

Run the ArchiveTeam Warrior, which will automatically participate in digital history rescue projects.
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You could run a Debian and/or Ubuntu apt mirror, but you'd need more like 2TB of free disk space for that. You could cut down a lot by choosing just a single architecture (64-bit x86 for example).
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I'd be careful with tor, I remember something about a tor node operator being held accountable for traffic going through it. You could use crashplan and have a few of your dearest friends/family backup their important data on your machine. Free of cost.
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IIRC, NTP was looking for people to join their server pool earlier this year.
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Best answer: Wikipedia has a list of distributed computing projects that could use the cycles.
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