Recommend me a cheap email whitelist service
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Can anyone recommend a decent email whitelist provider? I'm looking for a provider who will let me set a list of allowed senders bounce any email from senders not on the list.

I'm not looking for a spam whitelist. The situation in question calls for about half a dozen allowed senders, and I don't want to run the risk of email from other accounts being sent through. A spam whitelist doesn't really have the functionality that I need.

I'm happy to pay a small amount for this service, but I don't require a huge amount space - 200mb would be plenty.
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Not really the solution you're looking for, but would it be an option to use, for example, gmail to receive everything, and by setting up filters, only forward the mail from the allowed senders to a second e-mail account which would only contain the mails you are looking for?
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Dyndns has a solution that will work for you. Blacklist and or whitelist as well as spam filtering and virus scanning (or you can disable it). 50 a year per domain I believe.
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Pair Networks has a hosting plan called pairLite for $75 a year that should do what you want. You can set up mail recipes to filter mail however you like. The recipe system is simple and web-based although you'd have to write the actual script yourself (or find one someplace online to press into service) since it's not one of the ones included.
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Best answer: Fastmail offer whitelisting and domain management facilities that might meet your requirements.
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Hotmail has an exclusive setting, meaning if it isn't in the "allowed list" (usually your contacts list), mail goes to spam folder. You can have pop3 access to a hotmail account as well.
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Response by poster: Fastmail is the service I'm already with, which is handy. A friend also uses Bluebottle, where you have to actively click a link in a return email to be added to their "allowed senders" list.
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