Tumblr posting problems
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My Tumblr has stopped posting entries. It’s only my third day. It previews nicely but disappears when I hit the “post” button. What could the problem be? I have an email into Tumblr but their help page was so unhelpful I am not hopeful.
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Can you provide any other information, like your operating system, which browsers (and versions) you've tried, the add-ons you're running in each browser (AdBlock, Ghostery, No Script, Missing E), etc? Was posting working before, or did you just join Tumblr three days ago and have had this issue the entire time?
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You've made sure you've set it to "Publish now" on the post page before you try to post it? (Screenshot of options)
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I'm running Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8, no add ons. I have been able to post 12 items successfully. But yesterday it just stopped letting me do it.
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Try changing your theme?
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Did you hit your posting limit? Really unlikely since it's like 200 posts a day, but could be the issue.
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If you've set up more than one blog (like, if you clicked "Create a blog" after signing up, because you automatically get one with your username too), you might be posting to the wrong one by accident. There's a dropdown on the top right.
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I've noticed this too, over the last couple of days. What seems to work is not previewing the post before I publish. Not an ideal solution, obviously.
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I usually don't preview, and got that error today when I did try to preview. When I went back to my feed, it said I had an unsaved post which I could then publish. I can't recall if this is a Tumblr feature or from my having installed Missing E...
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For whatever reason, not previewing my post worked like a dream. One can always edit it later. Thanks to all for your suggestions. We got a winnah!
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