How to have fun without the clubs?
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What to do in Augusta, GA while the missus interviews since I won't necessarily be able to check into our hotel? Hitches: I'll have our two dogs with me, she's an herbivore, and we don't golf.

So, we're heading down to Augusta, GA from Atlanta very early tomorrow and Mrs.Eld is interviewing for the majority of the day for a PhD internship position. After I drop her off I'll try to get an early check in at our hotel (linked above) but I've been told they can't guarantee anything before 12n or 1pm or so. We will be returning fairly promptly the next day for her to catch a flight out of ATL airport.

I just wanted to see if anyone here could recommend some things for me and the two pups to do in the meantime. I've seen a few Augusta questions previously of course so I'm not exactly concerned as to what we can/should do for the night we're there after we tuck the dogs into the hotel room but any input on that front would be appreciated as well since we're newbies to the area and haven't really had time to look for any fun events that might coincide with our one night in town.

Oh, we're not golfers... at all, so there's that. ...and Mrs.Eld is a vegetarian and I'm not exactly a BBQ fanatic either.

Thanks all!
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Bark Park! The forecast says it's going to be clear tomorrow, too.
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Walk up and down the levy on the riverwalk....
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It's a short drive north to lake Thurmond..... public beaches and places to let the pups play...
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Seconding pearlybob on the Riverwalk. There are also some nice restaurants right around Broad Street, just a few blocks up from the levy.

You're also not too far away from one of my favorite restaurants in town, The Village Deli. My parents take my wife and I there whenever we're in town to visit.

I wasn't aware the Partridge Inn was now pet friendly. The last time we stayed there (several years ago), we called and were told that no pets were allowed. If that's changed, we might give it another go.
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Ahhhh. Village Deli!! Miss that place!!! So great!!
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I just dropped off ms eld. Thanks all for the tips, I'm going to call the inn one last time to see if they might let me in early.

ralan: we had to pay a reasonable pet fee but we called to confirm so we should be alright. I will update this shortly either way.
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We've checked in, no problem with pups.
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Excellent on the dog update. I actually worked at the Partridge Inn back in the late 80s as the sous chef, so I enjoy staying there when we can. Lately we've been staying at the Doubletree out on the west side of town, because we knew they were pet friendly.

Have fun in Augusta. It's a pretty town with a lot of history. My family has lived in or around there almost from the time that the city was founded.
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