How comfortable are the first generation of Steelcase Leap chairs?
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How comfortable are the first generation of Steelcase Leap chairs?

I am considering buying a used Steelcase Leap 462 series chair. I believe that this is the first generation of leap chairs. Many people seemed to like the newest generation of the Leap in a recent Ask Me-Fi. How does the first generation compare to the more recent ones in terms of comfort and robustness/reliability? Is $150 for a first generation used Steelcase Leap 462 series a decent deal?
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My very first fancy-pants office chair was a Leap, back in 2000/2001. The internet seems to show me pictures of the chair I remember (I opted out of the headrest), but I couldn't tell you the model number. I loved it, and would happily go back to that model today. I seem to remember it being moderately more popular than the aeron around the office at the time.

As with any piece of furniture that you need to park yourself on for a large fraction of the day: try it before you commit. What some love others will hate.
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I've used both the V1 and V2, and noticed very little difference. Here's what I've noticed :

1) With V1, you can adjust the seat angle. With V2, it adjusts automatically.
2) V1 had a dial to adjust "lumbar strength", whereas V2 has a lumbar support control that slides up and down.
3) V1 comes in a "normal" and "high back" model, whereas V2 only has the "high back" model. (I've never actually seen a "normal" V1, but I'm assuming they exist)
4) The cushions on the V1 were removable, but not on the V2

And yeah, that's basically it. $150 can be an excellent deal, depending on the condition of the chair. One thing to watch out for : I've noticed that, as they age, the pneumatic cylinders tend to lose "strength", i.e. they slowly sink down over the course of a day. This happens really slowly though; you'll probably never notice it until one day you go to sit down and realize your chair is noticeably lower. No big deal; just means you'll have to raise it back up every once in a while.
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