Looking for an app to track and time chores!
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Which Android-friendly chore tracking/timekeeping app do I need? Some tasks should be done for 30 minutes each day. Others? Only 30 minutes a week. Is there an app with a built-in timer that I can use to keep track of my chores, and then look back over previous weeks' performance to keep track of my goals?

Imagined Scenario: I come home, start the app timer for "cleaning the house," clean for only fifteen minutes, and then stop the timer. That time is then saved. An hour or so later, I start the "cleaning the house" timer again, clean a bit more, and stop the timer. In a few days I can look back and see that I cleaned the house for the full thirty minutes each day last week, but this week I've only cleaned it for twenty minutes or so each time.

There are so many similar chore/timer apps out there, but I can't seem to find an app that does these specific things.

Other details: It'll be running on a Nexus 7. It'd be nice if it looked good. Leveling or badges or XP (like in Chore Wars) would be an awesome plus. In fact, Chore Wars would be perfect if it had a timer function.
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I wish I had an answer because that sounds brilliant. I just posted it on the chore wars suggestions page with a link to this discussion -- maybe the developers at chore wars will decide it's worth it to add!
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Response by poster: Thanks, selfmedicating! This seems like a reasonable setup, and I assumed it'd be easy to find. Guess not.
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Timesheet might work for you! It's a regular timekeeping app, not geared towards chores, but you could just add each chore as a project. Alas, no badges, but it does have some charts to look at :-)
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Best answer: Time Balance looks like it might work too.
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Response by poster: Skybly, thanks so much! I downloaded it a week ago, and so far Time Balance has been a suitable app for keeping track of things in the specific way I wish to keep track of things.

I've found some other uses, too; for instance, tracking how long it takes me to get home from work (and vice versa) using different routes.
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Mefi's own orlick also has Node Timer, as seen in projects - not sure if it would work but I just like the idea a mefite did it.
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