How would you tell someone else to pronounce this phrase?
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I need to insert a pronuciation guide into a script for the following Latin animal name: Pachydiscus seppenradensis. In other words, I just need something on the script page to help the person reading it pronounce it correctly. I can't rely on special symbols or anything longwinded. Just something like is found in this question.
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Best answer: Pack-ee-DISC-us sep-pen-rod-DEN-sis?

yay cephalapods
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Best answer: I took Latin and biology throughout highschool & I'd wager These Birds is bang on.
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Best answer: These Birds of a Feather is correct, but I would introduce the minor modificaton of changing -rod- to -rud- (should really be -rəd-, but you don't want special symbols; at any rate, it's an unstressed central vowel).
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