Interesting scifi / glam rock makeup looks?
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Can you point me to some (non-prosthetic) scifi/fantasy makeup looks?

I've landed a volunteer position as a makeup designer for a production of a beautifully campy show. For a few of the characters, who are aliens, the director wants a glam rock look, something like Alice Cooper meets Ziggy Stardust.

I'd like to mix it up a bit further by looking at designs from science fiction / fantasy TV and film, glam rock, fashion / modeling / photo shoots, and theatre of all sorts.

I'd especially like to see campy designs for aliens, like from Star Trek: The Original Series or from old scifi films. I don't have access to prosthetics, and I don't want to, say, paint someone completely green or something.

I've already looked through all of and gathered some inspiration from the scifi series Farscape. Can people offer further resources, photos, links, or suggestions?

Thank you!
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Jem and the Holograms

Flash Gordon

Shahna, from the Star Trek episode, Gamesters of Triskelion

And don't forget comic books as possible sources for inspiration. Martian Manhunter Some of Kirby's stuff may be too "prosthetic heavy" to imitate directly but could be inspiration for something. Or you could just go for some cool hats.
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Here's some more good Kirby hats.
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The Catullans, Star Trek again.

And Balok's first form.
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Take a look at the Trill.
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Best answer: I can't believe this was not suggested yet!

The Glam Rock looks from the movie Velvet Goldmine are perfect! Ditto some looks from the Neil Jordan Film Breakfast on Pluto, and maybe the movie/stage show Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Google the 70's & 80's German performance artist in NYC Klaus Nomi.

Check out the Limelight Night Club "Club Kids" looks from the late 80's early 90's - especially a Club Kid named Walt Paper. He did a lot of stuff with gas masks back in the day, might work.

From the very early 80's, a movie called Liquid Sky that took place in lower Manhattan might have some looks. Not quite sure on the visuals, but the plot was about an alien.

For the love of god, please don't crib off of the old or new Star Treks. As a Trekkie, I would feel cheated.

Riff on something original.

Oops! Not really a great example, but fuck it....

The denoument of Rocky Horror Picture Show, where we find out Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his cohorts, Magenta and Riff Raff, are all aliens. Those costumes might be fun to riff on (heh) too!

Both Hedwig and Rocky Horror started off as stage shows. As is Klaus Nomi (lots of his performances are on YouTube, and there was a documentary about him, to boot!)

Velvet Goldmine is a great place to start exploring.

Have fun!!!
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Best answer: Effie Trinket ( makeup tutorial) the Capitol citizens in the Hunger Games movies where inspired by over the top glam/new romantic looks and based around makeup and hair dye. You can have fun with details, painting every nail different, different lipstick for top and bottom lip, etc,
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Best answer: Just offhand this made me think of Zhora in Blade Runner.

ANTM cycle 4 had an animal shoot with some pretty interesting stuff, and, even better, an Aliens in Manhattan shoot even before that that I can't seem to find decent pictures of quickly.
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If you use a long dress and hood, you get away with only painting the face blue. Zhaan in Farscape often wore things that covered the all-blue body because the actress didn't react well to the makeup, so the look would be authentic.

You might find some ideas here.
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Response by poster: jbenben, it's funny you should note that about the Transylvanians, because this is actually for a production of The Rocky Horror Show. Thanks for all the suggestions so far, folks!
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For the character of Rocky Horror himself, you might look into the '70s/'80s look of glam-metal musician/B-movie actor Jon-Mikl Thor (Google Image Search cloud) . He's probably about as close as a human being ever came to looking like a He-Man action figure, with all the camp possibilities that entails.
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