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Speaking of the Twilight Zone a few questions down, from where came the New Year's Eve marathon tradition? I know SyFy (ugh) has it now, but I believe I remember watching it on WPIX way back when. That may have been 4th of July, though. Anyone know it's origins or what year it started?
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This dude says 1979. I know we had it in L.A. when I was a kid in the '80s.
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I remember this on channel 11 as a kid (NYC) don't remember if it was a New Year's thing.

I DO remember Monster Week would come up periodically on ABC as the 4:30 movie! Gamera and Godzilla!!
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I remember a WPIX one before SyFy existed. Not sure if it was July and NYE though.
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I also watched the marathon every 4th of July and Thanksgiving on KTLA growing up as a kid. This LA Times article dates it back to 1980 and this article from the Orange County Register refers to the marathon as "one of Southern California's many gifts to the world".
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I'm stunned that the KTLA marathon only goes back to 1979/1980. I came here to say it went back to the 70s at least! I have been late to so many Thanksgiving dinners because Just One More Episode. This is the first New Year's I've had cable in a long time, but if it is the first NYE marathon I hope it won't be the last.
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I remember it from WPIX too. Speculation as to origins: as far as I remember, WPIX didn't appear to be rolling in money. Maybe TZ was a series that didn't cost too much to run? Maybe the half-hour format offered more opportunities for commercial breaks than, say, Star Trek? (remembering that Star Trek episodes have since been recut to allow more commercials, but that hadn't happened yet at the time I think we're talking about)
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WPIX did it for both NYE and 4th of July.
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